How to Write your Own Success Story

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Everyone’s story is unique. Where your story starts may not be up to you, but where it ends definitely is. Every twist and turn is an opportunity to choose what comes next. Make that choice authentically yours, and you can’t do anything but succeed.
Your Rough Draft

We all have a different way of finding out what will work for us. But no matter which route we take on the journey to success – however you define it – we have to get into the messy and the profound in equal measure. And once it all comes together, the structure will make sense: the who, the why and the how.

As you’re reading this, you’re probably frantically wondering how to do this, or finding reasons why it can’t happen. Great. You’ve just stumbled on your first limiting belief, the one that’s literally stopping you from creating the outcome you want.

At this point, you can deepen your brainstorming process. Imagine what is real, true and possible. Not what you think is real, true and possible but what actually is.

Once you have a rough idea of what you truly deeply want, learn from those who’ve gone before you on this journey. They have a lot to share and they can teach us about how to create the conditions for successful follow through. Hint….its about being authentic and invigorated. Your state of being is everything.

Writing Your Success Story: the Essentials
1. Tolerate Uncertainty

If you want to write a new success story for yourself, commit to a brand new way of thinking and being. It’s normal to feel afraid of what you can’t see ahead. How you choose to be with that fear is a central key to your success.

Who do you need to be to create what you want?
To tolerate the uncertainty of letting go of the old to make way for the new?

2. Take Your Time

Remember to allow that learning takes time. How long it takes for it to all come together depends on you and the universe. Time is your friend, no matter how it feels. There’s no deadline. There is only now.

Are you giving yourself an arbitrary deadline? One you feel you ‘should’ be able to meet?

Are you holding unhelpful, unrealistic expectations of yourself?

3. The Lure of the ‘One Right Way’

There’s another common misperception out there that there must be one, perfect and efficient way to get this right. People are in such a hurry to make the change, feel happier, and get that business started, that they miss all the best guideposts to change.

In writing your next best steps, your authentic self is trying to get your attention.

Are you listening? Responding?

4. “I did it my way”

There is only your way. How you find it is up to you. Once you’ve committed to creating your great story, understand that you’ve signed up for a miraculously creative endeavour.

There’s no getting it right in the first attempt, or even the fifth…

There’s only living the new way of being once you understand what the change actually is – practicing it until it’s fully integrated into your everyday life.

Ask yourself,

What way of being are you ready to incorporate into your day?

How will you hold yourself accountable for this commitment to yourself?

When you pay attention to the process, there’s no way for you to fail.

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