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Nestled amidst the beautiful island of Hispaniola, The Dominican Republic is located close to Haiti. Sprawled in an area of approximately 48,442 square kilometers, the country is simply nature's best example of creation. Diverse topographical features offer a wide array of natural attractions to this destination. All over the destination, some beautiful glimpses of nature's bounty can be seen. Its proximity to the Caribbean enhances its beauty by several notches. Vacationers love to plan a vacation in this marvelous destination. These days, leading carriers offer airline deals and cheap plane tickets.

Beach lovers coming here is enthralled to see vast expanses pristine beaches with white sands. The coastline of about 1000 miles long hence the opportunities to relax and enjoy water based activities with family and friends. A tropical weather is experienced by the destination all the year round. This weather is conducive for travelers visiting this destination for a perfect holiday. Besides beaches, the destination is also blessed with mountain ranges. There are mainly four mountain ranges with Pico Duarte as the tallest mountain peak in the entire Caribbean Region. The mountain enjoys the elevation of 10,700 feet above the level of the sea. From December to February, the destination also experiences snow and sometimes frost at high elevations. Hence, Pico Duarte sees frequent snowfall during this time. In case holidaymakers are planning their vacations during these months, they should come well prepared with appropriate clothes.

Capitol of this destination is Santo Domingo, and it is located in the south of the island. Its proximity to the coast ensures lot of seaport activity. Another principal city is Santiago known for its flourishing cigar and tobacco industry. Famous manufacturers of cigar like Leon Jimenez run their operations in Santiago. Warm weather is experienced by the destination round the year. Tropical breezes calm the frayed nerves of the visitors coming here. The temperature on an average is 25 degree Celsius. During November, December and January, the temperature lowers down significantly.

The destination has gained a lot of popularity among holiday makers. Using cheap tickets to Dominican Republic, a large number of tourists come to this destination every year. Since the weather of the place and the temperature remains almost constant, people can plan vacations at any time of the year. Rainfall is experienced by this place during the months of May-July and September-November, but it is just for a brief span. Showers make the weather pleasant, and it becomes all the more enjoyable to explore this destination. Evenings get somewhat cooler, but this is perfect for a glorious evening in the city. These days, availability of cheap flights to Dominican Republic has ensured that even budget travelers can also plan vacations in this magnificent place.

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