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Nestled amidst the beautiful island of Hispaniola, The Dominican Republic is located close to Haiti. Sprawled in an area of approximately 48,442 square kilometers, the country is simply nature's best example of creation. Diverse topographical features offer a wide array of natural attractions to this destination. All over the destination, some beautiful glimpses of nature's bounty can be seen. Its proximity to the Caribbean enhances its beauty by several notches. Vacationers love to plan a vacation in this marvelous destination. These days, leading carriers offer airline deals and cheap plane tickets.

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Dominican Republic is the ideal destination for diving enthusiasts. This country can provide you with the best underwater marine adventure that you have always been craving for. Underneath the crystalline waters of this famous country, you will find spectacular marine creatures, fascinating shipwrecks, hidden caves, and intricate coral reefs. Below you will find some of the best diving spots in Dominican Republic.

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In 2010 more than 4 million tourists and holidaymakers visited the Dominican Republic, the majority of which (54%) came from the USA and Canada. Whilst this might sound like an impressive number of visitors it pales in comparison to other island destinations around the world. The reason being, quite possibly, is that in the realms of travel advertising, people just don't hear about it. So for the uninitiated below is a list of 20 reasons to holiday in the Dominican republic.

A trip to the Dominican Republic means one thing for many people. It means the chance to play some great golf.

With the golf clubs the DR has to offer, people are sure to be able to hit the links and have a great time on the courses. For many people, that is the way to have the perfect vacation.