For 7 nights you will be treated in the lap of luxury. The vacation includes a stint on the Cayacoa sits. These are some of the best locations within the Samana Bay. The panorama views remind visitors of a really good quality wide screen television. The different is that you are living in the reality of a great holiday with great amenities and even greater people. The every turquoise sea is a source of pride for the tourist board as well as the golden sands that appear to be endless.

The next step in high quality accommodation

The great impressions start the moment that you step into the resort. The lobby has marble floors and plump seats for your comfort. There are some really charming chandeliers that are at their best during the night. The vibe in the hotel is very friendly and warm towards its valuable customers. The bedroom facilities have an almost colonial feel but in a positive way. The carved wooden furniture and high ceilings reminds one of sleepy days in the sun. You will also get fans for those hot days and some wicker chairs for relaxation. There is a small pool outside that overlooks the sea. It has a swim-up bar as well as spectacular views. A hydro massage pool with a bar and sun deck will provide you with the support network that you need. A tower lift will take you down to the beach. It is all an experience in the making and there are possibilities for you to have a really nice time here.

The catering is undertaken by four restaurants. These are then complemented by a main buffet that serves dishes from across the globe. For example you might have Italian mixed with local seafood. Some a la carte restaurants serve those guests who want something a bit special on their visit. The fusion menu brings to the forefront some of the finest cuisine in the world. The resort is blessed with a team of chefs that fully understands the needs of clients as well as the dynamics of the industry as a whole.

Make the best out of your Gran Bahia Cayacoa all inclusive deals

Knowing the stakes and the drama that can be found on self organized holidays, this is a good option that allows you to define your entertainment and the general direction of the holiday. You are a winner from all fronts when you look at this sort of holiday for your family or your loved one. Besides, it is quite cheap in the long run.

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