Honeymooners who head to the Caribbean can expect to find a tremendous amount of activities. Most of the fun in the Caribbean involves the sea in one way or the other. After all, who resist the soothing sound of the waves rushing to shore? In addition to the beauty of the sandy beaches, the islands offer an abundance of sights and sounds to direct your attention away from the beaches and toward the other "wonders" waiting to be explored and discovered. Explore lush tropical forests, browse through local market stalls, shop in enchanting caribbean boutiques. These are some of the great alternatives to spending all your time on the beach.

Samana, Dominican Republic

Somewhat removed from the typical tourist trail, the luxuriant peninsula of Samana is a paradise for nature lovers to visit on a Caribbean honeymoon vacation. Not only is it home to one of the most important mangrove reserves and rainforests in the Caribbean, but its crystal-clear coast offers some of the most divine diving found along the northern coast of this island. Imagine being able to see up to 150 feet in some spots! You will get great views of the reefs and see lots of colorful tropical fish escorting you on your underwater excursion.

If your Caribbean honeymoon vacation to this lovely location happens to fall during a January, you might wish to try and catch the sight of thousands of humpback whales migrating south to Samana Bay during their mating season. It's said you can find up to 300 whales at any given time, so come take a gander at these magnificent mammals while you have a chance, and watch them frolic, sing and court one another. It's just one of many more delightful experiences you can have on your vacation.

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