If the Dominican Republic sounds like the ideal place for a Spring Break vacation to you...

...then you're going to want to hear about Punta Cana's All Inclusive Spring Break Resorts - because this increasingly popular spot on the east coast of the island is without a doubt the best resort area that the Dominican Republic has to offer.

For party-seekers, Punta Cana's fabulous all-inclusive resorts and lively nightlife scene make it the perfect place to come for the fun-filled vacation of a lifetime. Groups of students fly in from all over the US and Canada every year to join the thousands of like-minded party-goers in a sun-drenched paradise of white sand, palm trees, clear waters, and non-stop entertainment.

By day, set your own pace. The seemingly endless stretches of beach in Punta Cana are ideal for lazing in the sunshine and working on your tan - but they're just as good for a game of volleyball, or horseback riding alongside the water! And let's not forget to mention the watersports. If you're heading to Punta Cana, chances are you're keen to dive in and experience the really fantastic variety of water-based activities available right on the beaches. Surfing is particularly popular, thanks to the ideal surfing conditions provided by the strong breezes at this meeting point of the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans, but to list all the activities available would take up several more paragraphs! Suffice it to say, from banana boating to parasailing to jetskiing, you can try it all in Punta Cana while on Spring Break. There are also great scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities thanks to a stunning 18 mile coral reef - although you can keep dry and still see it by going on a glass-bottomed boat trip instead!

In terms of food, you can get great all-inclusive spring break deals letting you enjoy restaurants and cafes on the resorts premises - and they have such a good selection of eateries that you can sample local cuisine, international fare, or even good old familiar American food, depending on your mood!

And by night, get ready to party, because when Spring Break rolls around, the all inlcusive resorts in Punta Cana get ready to welcome in the hordes of enthusiastic students who just want to let their hair down and have a good time. Particularly in the larger resorts, it's possible to go out for the night as if you were actually out in a city - the variety of clubs and live musical entertainment draws in huge crowds every year, and the resorts have built a solid reputation as being a really fun place for students seeking the ultimate fun vacation. There are some great beach parties at the larger resorts in Punta Cana Spring Break too - discover the meaning of fun in the sun!

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