During a trip to list a property in Sosua Bay, the owner of the property pointed out that this door was from a yacht owned by Trujillo.

After searching on the internet I am lead to believe that this could be part of "Angelita" a boat purchase by Trujillo from Marjorie Merriweather Post, a successful businesswoman and heiress to a fortune. The yacht was originally christened HUSSAR, built in 1931 at the Krupp family shipyard in Kiel according to plans of the renowned American contractors Gibbs & Cox.

The vessel has an amazing history and has visited all 4 corners of the globe.

The HUSSAR was built for one purpose: to take Merriweather and her husband (E.F. Hutton) in their customary luxury to all those places they felt their presence was desirable, whether for representative or business reasons or simply the pleasure of travel and adventure. The HUSSAR spent at least nine months of the year at sea - and the Huttons set course for such exotic destinations as the Galapagos Islands, Hawaii and the Mediterranean.

In August 1935 the Huttons marriage had come off the rails and they divorced, Ed Hutton signed over the HUSSAR to his ex-wife, who loved the ship more than anything. As a kind of final stroke under her two failed marriages, Marjorie had the yacht registered under a new name: The HUSSAR became the SEA CLOUD.

Sea Cloud

At the end of 1941 the United States was pulled into war because of the attack on Pearl Harbour by the Japanese, shortly after the US Navy started recruiting private vessells in order to strengthen their fleet. These yatchs were modified and equipped in order for them to partol, monitor weather and search out enemy submarines.

At first President Roosevelt (a personal friend url Lady Marjories husband at the time) rejected the idea of "military service" for SEA CLOUD on the grounds that she was too graceful to be subject to such actions. However come 1942 the US Navy could no longer afford this kind of nicety, and for the symbolic price of UStextarea was chartered, fitted with guns and anti-sub marine weapons and under the name "IX-993 was sent to cruise around Greenland and the Azores.

It was not until the war was over and 10 years later in 1955 Trujillo purchased the yacth and renamed it "ANGELITA". Used primarily as a house boat, ANGELITA became famous again when Trujillo was assassinated. On way to France with Trujillos dead body the boat was ordered to return to the Dominican Republic, when arrived ANGELITA was renamed PATRIA, several years later she was back in American hands when a company from Panama purchased her.

Fast forwarding to today, after several name changes and overhauls, this magnificent boat is now a luxury charter. A boat with a tremendous history, part of which, if it were true sits on a farm somewhere in Sosua, Puerto Plata...

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