Puerto Plata is one of the popular destinations in the Dominican Republic. It abounds with so many things to do.

One of the reasons most tourists visit this province apart from its beautiful beaches and historical sites is its nightlife. At night, it turns into a mecca of its own.

There are so many things to do and see in Puerto Plata at night. if you are staying at a resort, most of the resorts will have many evening shows arranged for their guest. They normally arrange for local shows like singing in their local songs, dancing, dancing lessons, karaoke and lots of others things. Depending on the resort and the location, all shows lined up will differ.


Even though you are not a guest at a resort, some resorts may allow you to use their amenities for a small fee or entirely free. The Holiday Golden Beach, Paradise Beach Club have casinos which the public can use. If you intend to use the casino at the resort, there is a minimum amount you have to pay and they have cigarettes on the table for those that smoke.

If you are into dancing, most resorts in Puerto Plata having dance nights especially on Sundays'. They play music such as bachata, hip-hop, reggaeton and other forms of music. If you move with the younger crowds, you can check out Paradise Beach Club, it is located by the Caribbean Village, and they cater to teens in their late teens and twenties. Here you will meet many local boys and girls.

One of the few disco club, the Lighthouse Lounge and Disco,they play good music, karaoke and the ladies nights is on Friday. it can be found on the top floor of Ocean World Casino.

If you decide to go off-resort, you can try El Malecon, it is along the ocean front and you get to party with the locals. Here you will find numerous nightclubs, restaurants, bars and shops. This place is normally populated by the locals.

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