Puerto Plata, according to Christopher Columbus, is the fairest land under heaven.

He had been captivated by the lush vegetation of the land, coupled with beautiful and amazing sceneries. Not to mention the almost endless sight of warm white-sand beaches, tall coconut trees swaying to the gentle breeze, surrounded by tall mountains. This place is indeed a captivating tropical place. That is why, not only Christopher Columbus but a lot of tourist and vacationers had also been captivated by the scenery of the place.


Because of this, there are a growing number of people who had visited this place. Thus, in Dominican Republic, This place is one of the fascinating places worth visiting. A lot of people find the place easily accessible. It has descent roads to travel from places to places within this place. It has all the necessary establishments needed to support a growing number of tourists and vacationists flocking in the area. This place also had an international airport. Thus, there are weekly charter flights from Canada, Europe, United States and Puerto Rico. Furthermore, within the area itself, you can hop around from places to places using a private car, shuttles issued by resorts and hotels, or you could use a helicopter or yacht. Not only this, but most resorts and hotels in this place are all-inclusive. That is, you are paying a fixed price for everything, from food, fare, drinks and etc., without hidden fees and extra charges.

Vacationers and tourists staying in this place could swim and sit in the sun whole day or they could take part in the activities and excursions offered by the resorts and hotels. Thus, this place is not only ideal for active people but it is also ideal for people who want to be alone to find peace and solitude.


Aside from the usual entertainment and activities given to you by the resorts and hotels, there are other places where you could go and still have fun in this place.

Horseback riding is a popular way of exploring the mountains of Puerto Plata. Some people, who had greater stamina, would explore the jungles in the mountains by hiking. Or you could go scuba diving and see the beautiful coral reefs and its bountiful animals beneath the ocean. You could also explore great depths, shipwrecks and canyons deep below the ocean. Also, if you want to conquer the rapid waters of a fast-paced river, you could do white water rafting. Or watch the magnificent giant creatures that roam in the ocean water of this place. You could also windsurf aside from the normal surfing, as well as kiteboarding.

Moreover, if fast-paced and pulse exhilarating activities is not your type, then you could just settle to visiting famous tourist spots in this place. You could go Ambar Museum, where you can see a lot of amber gems, including the ancient gems. You could also go to Mount Isabel Torres, whose peak could only be reached by a cable car. At its top, you can view the whole city and the breathtaking view of the sea. You could also go and admire the old colonial structures of Fort San Filipe. Or you could just go shopping, window-shop and dine in the expensive restaurants in the gigantic resort complex, Playa Dorada. Finally, you could also go sample the local wine in Brugal Rum Factory.


The list of the many activities you could do in Puerto Plata place is endless. Only one thing is sure, this place is indeed a good place for vacationing.

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