Puerto Plata is one of the most fascinating spots of Dominican Republic. People from all over the world throng to this destination because of the presence of historical sites and beautiful serene beaches.

There are many places to explore here, most of the resorts available here arrange for shows like dancing and song show. Few of the must-visit places here are Playa Dorada, Amber Museum of Puerto Plata and Mount Isabel de Torres.

The Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada is a gigantic resort complex which lies in the beach that has numerous hotels and innumerous rooms for the visitors. It also consists of a shopping center and a number of restaurants which offers mouthwatering dishes. In addition, it consists of a shopping plaza and a golf course called as Robert Trent Jones. If you are a regular player of golf then you can spare more time here, also you can purchase various handmade gifts in the shops available here.


Amber Museum

It is one of the natural historic museums and is set up in a Victorian mansion. It consists of a wide range of amber specimens; it is one of the national gems of Dominican Republic. Few of the gems preserved here dates back to thousands of years. Many exhibits in the museum explain the formation and history of the amber. You can also purchase precious amber jewelry from the gift shop available here, these jewelry's are worth possessing.


Mount Isabel de Torres

Mount Isabel can be reached only through the cable rope after travelling for 7 minutes. You can have the spectacular view of the botanical gardens, statue of Christ which is similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro and a restaurant which offers exotic dishes. It is at a height of 2600 ft from the sea level.


Brugal Rum factory

Brugal rum factory is situated just outside downtown. You can get the real experience here, white and dark rum of more than a million liters are produced here. Many Dominicans use the Brugal rum regularly. At the end of the visit you'll be provided a cup of rum.

Ocean World Adventure Park

Ocean World Adventure Park is situated three miles from Puerto Plata. It is a must see place for children. A world class aquarium is available here, it consists of nearly 22 waterfalls; you can swim here with dolphins and take snaps with exotic birds and tigers. You can enjoy everything under the supervision of an expert.


If you have a desire for dancing then most resorts in Puerto Plata have dancing nights and you can rock yourself here. Few of the music played here are hip-hop, jazz, salsa, reggaeton and bachata. In these resorts you can meet most of the local boys and girls who are at their teen hood. A trip to Puerto Plata can become a memoir for your lifetime.

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