One of the top attractions in the Dominican Republic is Oceanworld Aquatic Park.

The park is situated on Cofresi Beach near Puerto Plata on the North coast of the island. The admission price to Oceanworld includes bus transfers from local hotels, so it is easy to get there. There are plenty of activities included in the basic admission price to keep you occupied for the whole day. The sea lion shows, dolphin shows, shark shows and bird shows are worth watching, there is always plenty of seating available and they usually start on time.

While snorkelling in the Tropical Reef Aquarium you can get a close up view of the hundreds of neon colored, tropical fish. All equipment is provided free of charge. At the Tiger Grotto you can swim in the same pool as tigers, separated only by glass! The Tiger grotto also has waterfalls and lush vegetation for a real jungle feel. Inside the Rainforest Exhibit is the bird sanctuary which is home to macaws, toucans and other tropical birds. You can feed them as they land on your hands and shoulders. Make sure you take your camera! Or you can just relax and sunbathe at the Dolphin beach.

The dolphin swim is the most popular bookable program at Ocean World. During the 30-minute encounter you can dance, hug, pet and swim with the dolphins, finishing with a spectacular dorsal fin tow. The dolphin swim begins with an educational introduction presented by expert dolphin trainers. You will learn fascinating facts about these amazing creatures and receive important safety instructions for your dolphin encounter. The Sea Lion Encounter allows you watch the playful Patagonian sea lions swim, dive, leap, bark and show off their acrobatic skills before a up-close meeting in one of the interaction pools.

Ocean World is the only park on the planet to offer guests the chance to hold, touch, feed and swim with a small school of adult nurse sharks, under the supervision of expert trained staff during the Shark and Stingray Encounter. You will also glide across the surface of a warm stingray pool with a mask and snorkel, touching the backs of the stingrays. You are not supposed to take your own food or drink into the Park so be aware that the cafes and restaurants can be expensive. A day here should be on everyone's must-do-list when visiting the Dominican Republic.

It's worthwhile booking up for some serious off road fun on a Monster Truck Safari that takes you off the beaten track and up to the mountains. You get to see some of the gorgeous green Dominican countryside. Along the way you see the real Dominican, passing traditional houses and villages. There are plenty of stops along the way to sample the Dominican culture but be careful, you may feel pressured into purchasing souvenirs. Take a few sweets with you to hand out to the local children to keep them from hassling you too much.

For one of the most magical night tours on Dominican Republic go to see 'Bravissimo', a Las Vegas style show at the Ocean World Marina. Tropical rhythms and astonishing costumes will take you on an enchanted journey through the Caribbean. National drinks are also included during show.Then try your luck at Ocean World casino and begin with your US$10 'Match-bet' gift. You can finish the evening off at the Lighthouse lounge and disco, from where you get a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. Be aware the drinks at the Casino and Disco can be quite expensive. A great night and a must do for anyone visiting the Dominican Republic!

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