There is a tiny middle class district which is frequented more by the locals. This place also has lots of bars and restaurants. Tourist are safe when venturing into such areas. Here you will find many fine restaurant with delicious local Dominican food and bars playing local Caribbean songs.

There are also some areas you should stay away from. Do not forget to go to a tourist center when you arrive in Santiago. They will let you know what areas are safe for tourist and what areas to avoid. These places change from time to time, so your tourist center guide should be able to educate you properly.

The legal age for drinking and gambling in Dominican Republic is 18 years. Though you may find locals who are below 18 years involved in drinking and gambling, do not encourage yourself if you are below 18 years or someone else with you who is below 18 years to follow them. If you are caught, you will pay heavily. Some clubs, restaurants and bars stay open all night.

There are many bars, clubs and restaurants in Santiago. Here are a few of them.

Fracifol Bar: This is a very classy bar in Santiago. Though drinks are quite expensive, you will not regret spending your time in this bar.Beer's cost anywhere from $4 to $9. The TV in the bar is constantly on and showing baseball games all through the night. It's a pretty cool place to meet locals and experience Santiago the local way.

The Shakabana Club: This club is a fairly new club in Santiago which caters more to tourist than to local. This club is mostly visited by young people during the weekend and plays more variety of music than most other clubs in the area.

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