Over 500 years ago a man names Christopher Columbus and a group of adventurous men set sail from Spain in search of a new way to get to the East Indies. They did not make it to the East Indies but in the process they discovered a new and exciting territory. We have all learned about this journey in our study of history. What we have not learned is all the work that went into building a new civilization here in the new world. That is your task for a future publication. Tell the people about the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo.

The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is a very popular tourist location. Almost any day of the month the area is filled with tourists. Much of the advertising is done in Spanish. There are many people waiting to read something in their own language about this beautiful and interesting tour site. Start on your next written project today. It could be a winner for you.

Santo Domingo was founded by Bartolomew Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus. Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus, had a large home built on the bank of the Ozama River. His descendants lived in the home until 1577. This information and much more can be obtained during a visit to the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The first cathedral in the Americas was built in Santo Domingo. Although several modifications have been made to the original building, it is still used today. It is located in Columbus Park and is a very important tourist attraction.

Many of the buildings in the Colonial Zone were built in the 16th century. Most of the buildings built almost 500 years ago have been rebuilt or modified. One exception to this is Fort Ozama. The fort was constructed of coral rock. There was no metal used in the construction. There has been very little change in the last 500 years.

Much of the original fortification wall can be seen today. There is something that seems very strange within the Colonial Zone area. El Conde street is a pedestrian walkway 1 km in length. Modern stores, restaurants and souvenir shops can be found here. If you walk 1 city block away from El Conde, you are in a different world.

The preceding information should provide you with a good starting point. It is up to you to put these ideas together for an interesting and informative travel article to get more tourists visiting the Dominican Republic and especially the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo. There doesn't seem to be a slow tourist season here in the Dominican Republic. Your published article will be welcome information for any future tourists. Tourism is #2 in importance to this country. The production and export of sugar is #1.

Article By Larry Jenkins
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