Located just besides the Caribbean Sea, the history of Santo Domingo can be traced back to hundreds of years in time, when the country of the Dominican Republic was discovered by Christopher Columbus. One of the greatest advantages that the tourism industry has in the city of Santo Domingo is if course the amazing landscape that the city offers to the tourists to the land.

A perfect picture postcard land the capital city of the Dominican Republic is traversed by the Ozama River, with its perfectly clear water and lush green river valleys. The Ozama River finally flows out to the Caribbean Sea, which in itself is a sight that never ceases to amaze the visitors to the land. A tropical paradise, the entirety of the Santo Domingo landscape is influenced by the green; almost where ever you look you are greeted by green hills below which flow the many distributaries and tributaries of the Ozama River.

Add to that the perfect coast line which the city enjoys and you will know exactly what makes this country one of the best-loved natural retreats of the regular travelers to the land. Kissed by the soft golden rays of the sun, the white sanded beaches of the Santa Domingo are dotted with coconut trees which make you feel as if you have landed in a page right out of a story book. Most of these beaches are located towards the eastern fringes of the capital city, which is of course where the land meets the Caribbean Sea. This is also the area in which most of the hotels of this capital city are also concentrated.

The capital city of the Dominic Republic is also home to the Los Tres Ojos, or the Three Lakes, which is noted as one of the most popular tourist destinations for people planning a trip here. Located within a group of caves, these lakes are almost 50 feet inside the earth's surface. The lakes are also known for a special reason; The color of the water of the lakes change in accordance with the temperature within the caves, which is one of the rarest kinds of geological mysteries of this part of the world. In fact, locals believe that this group of caves owes its origin to mythical sources and a number of stories based on this theory are sure to thrill you during your visit to the place.

However, though the greenery and natural beauty of the city and neighboring areas are mind-boggling, yet it is important to remember that the tourism industry within the city is not just limited to the natural wealth of this part of the world. The entirety of the capital city is dotted with a number of historical grounds, which includes some of the most exotic architectural specimens imaginable. Notable amongst these are the various museums and churches which dot this historical town. The city is also home to several monasteries which are scattered towards the more historical districts and bordering fringes of the capital city, often clustered together and connected to each other by cobbled pathways. So, just in case, you are planning a trip to Santa Domingo, make sure that you provide enough time to check out some of these beautiful historical buildings and monuments that showcase the rich history of the city.

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